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TL;DR Hubspot Inbound

The notes I took while studying for the 2018 inbound certification

Inbound Fundamentals

What is inbound?

Instead of actively interrupting your audience with advertising, "outbound" or "push marketing", you are providing content that brings potential customers to you when they need you.

What is the inbound methodology?

Four steps:

  1. Attract
  2. Convert
  3. Close
  4. Delight

Attract strangers with content such as blogs, social media, and infographics. Convert visitors with online forms and call-to-actions on landing pages. Close leads captured in your CRM through lead-nurturing. Delight customers with ongoing content, support, and service.

Doing this right will turn some of your customers into promoters for your product or service which will bring more strangers through word-of-month, starting the process over.

What are the fundamentals to be an inbound business?

  1. Your Company Culture
  2. Your Buyer Personas
  3. Your Buyer’s Journey
  4. Your inbound tool stack

Build a great company culture around your values, your people, your policies, your benefits and career development, and your workspace.

Build buyer personas to help identify a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on real data and some select educated speculation about demographics, behaviors, motivations, and goals.

Buyers go through three steps in the buyer's journey leading up to a purchase. First is the awareness stage, where they become aware they have a problem. Then the consideration stage, where they start to consider solutions to their problem. Lastly, the deciding stage, where they know the solution but need more information on the right product or service.

Finally, your inbound tool stack: Get a CRM and use it.

Attracting Strangers to Your Business

Why is marketing evolving?

Because the ad industry has pissed too many of us off for too long plus with the added help of search engines and social media, we can finally find our own solutions.

How can you attract website visitors?

Create relevant (think context), good content that helps and educates people in finding a solution.

How do you create relevant content? Use your buyer personas.

How can you use content distribution to attract visitors?

By making sure your website is optimized for people (SEO) and by utilizing social media to share relevant, good content, will help elevate your online presence to people searching for a solution.

Converting Your Visitors

What is conversion?

When someone does the thing you want to them to do on your website. For example, submit a form, click a button, etc.

How do you use conversions?

Conversions are one of your measurements for success. If your goal is to increase lead generation for a promotional landing page by 20%, tracking how many visitors actually convert (submit an inquiry) can help you determine if you met your goal or not.

By offering something in exchange for a conversion, say a discount or a gift, you can entice visitors to follow through with the conversion.

What is conversion rate optimization?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is about reviewing and optimizing your current website and landing pages through website analytics, customer/group reviews, and user behavior tracking to find areas on your website or sales funnel that are negatively effecting the conversion process.

Basically, test. Then re-test everything.

What is an inbound website?

Have a clear goal for the website, make sure the experience does not suck, and identify what you want people to do once they get there, submit a inquiry, for example.

Closing Your Leads

What has sales changed?

People do not sit around the phone waiting for a salesman to call about a random solution. They have the technology to research and find their own solutions.

How to transform the way you sell

Understand the buyer’s journey that someone goes through to your find your solution and keep in mind not everyone is ready to purchase now, even if they are doing the research now.

Use lead nurturing to stay in contact with those that match your buyer personas and those of past customers using multiple communication channels with targeted, relevant content.

What is the inbound sales strategy?

  1. Identify potential buyers that have a relevant problem
  2. Connect with those buyers to help them make a decision based on their needs
  3. Explore with them to make sure your solution is the right solution
  4. Advise the lead on why your solution is the best for their needs

Get a CRM and use it.

Delighting Your Customers

Why is delight important?

Your current customer base is your strongest acquisition lever. Keep them as successful, happy, as possible so you can continue to serve them.

Prioritize the customer’s success, as they, the happy customers, are your best marketing tactic.

How can you help customers grow?

Providing great reactive customer support and proactive customer service = customer success = referrals = mo money

What tools can be used for customer success?

Use your own products/services/lead funnels to get a better understanding of the actual experience your customers go through.

Listen to people, not hear but listen to what they are saying. Use this feedback to do better.

Use the inbound service framework.

  1. Engage
  2. Guide
  3. Grow

Engage with customers when they need it through multiple channels for customer support.

Guide them with appropriate content that helps them succeed.

Grow by listening to your customers and iterate your processes.

Learn more and to complete the course for yourself

Visit https://academy.hubspot.com/courses/inbound

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