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FY18 Content and Marketing Plan Worksheet

WIP: A free multi-tab worksheet to get you started with tracking and planning your marketing campaigns.

2019 Update

The intent of this worksheet isn't to be a complete, end all solution but to provide you with multiple starting points so you can build your own marketing planning and result tracking tools.

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For those that use Excel. Once you have the sheet open, click on File -> Download As -> Excel.

What's inside:

Tab 2 - Marketing Goal & Result Tracker

This tab is a framework for tracking of multiple campaign goals, budget, and results for each month.

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Tab 3-4 - Theme Planner & Theme Planner: Calendar

This is a two part calendar theme planner to help you organize campaigns by theme per quarter.

Tab 3 is for naming your themes and writing down the who, what, and why of the theme. It's always a good idea to know who you want to reach and why they would care about it. Setting a theme provides a clear path for content creation and audience targeting.

Tab 4 pulls in the theme name from tab 3 and provides a yearly calendar broken into weeks per month for different example marketing channels. For example, nurturing existing prospects, has a column for email for the week of January 7th, here you would put all the things you did during this week in email with the current quarters theme.

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Tab 5 - Event Planner

This is a simple framework for planning and documenting events. Rows for setup, preparation, pre-event, and post-event.

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Tab 6-17 - Content Calendar

A tab for each month with content ideas based on holidays and special events to plan your content marketing for different channels including blogs, newsletter, social, and other media outlets. Edit to fill in with events and other promotions relevant to your product and audience.

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Tab 18 - Social Media Growth Tracker

Do you need a simple tool to track social platform growth per month/year? Here you go.

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Tab 19 - Social Media Engagement Tracker

A simple form to add all your social media posts and engagement numbers.

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