Web Development

Looking for Marketing

CopyByBecca | Developmental Editing and Beta Reading Services

Built with Laravel. Simple landing page, blog, and quote form.


Looking for Marketing

Looking For Marketing | Marketing News, Resources, Jobs, Events, and Books

Built with Laravel. Originally, a marketing focused job board, turned community resource hub.

  • Custom built job board, professional and freelancer directories
  • Real-time news feeds from industry sources
  • Events and webinar calendar
  • Resource directories for books, podcasts, courses, tools, definitions, and guides
  • Engagement system to track liked resources and memeber completed courses
  • Authentication with LinkedIn API
  • Resource search with Algolia search API
  • Webhook integrations with community Discord and Slack
  • Site administration and blog functionality


Asset Box

Vertical Orbit | Digital Marketing Agency

Built with Laravel. This is the home of my digital marketing and web development agency. Featuring custom graphics, custom built customer relationship manager (CRM), quoting & invoice manager, and project task management.



IotPicker.com | IOT Purchase Guide

Find compatible IoT devices, search by Manufacture, Category, Platform, or Protocol.

Built with: Laravel (PHP framework), Twitter Bootstrap (CSS framework), Font Awesome (CSS icons), JQuery (JS framework), and Mixitup (JQuery filter).


Project/Task Manager

A custom-built project/task manager built for my personal use.

Allows for multiple projects with related tasks. Each project has access to it's own tasks, custom tags, requestor autosuggestion, and multiple views for open, closed, and all tasks.

Features include, tasks due-date highlighting based on current date. Tasks description field supports markdown formatting and common WYSIWYG options. Fast table column sorting and search for one or multiple keywords.

Built with Laravel (PHP framework), Twitter Bootstrap (CSS framework), and Font Awesome (CSS icons).

Asset Box | IT Inventory SAAS

A custom built SAAS web application for computer, software, and mobile device inventory management.

Allows for teams to manage a company's inventory for easy check-in/check-out recording and inventory reporting with custom user permissions.

Built with Codeigniter (PHP framework), Twitter Bootstrap (CSS framework), and Font Awesome (CSS icons).